Witness Protection UK is a small group of experts in this unique, specialised and discreet area of law enforcement. Whilst predominantly British we also have access to other experts from across the globe. Our purpose is simple - it is to help you develop or improve a response to Witness Protection and the safety of other individuals at risk.

It may be that you are a National Government looking to create a new team from scratch. It may be that you are simply looking for advice with regard to witness intimidation and reassurance.We can provide you with access to all the experts you will need, including specialist IT systems and services.

Assisting National Governments and Programs.

Your government or law enforcement agency may be thinking of setting up services in relation to the protection of witnesses or other individuals at risk. You may be looking to improve or enhance existing services that are already established on either a national or regional level.

We have unique experience in the design and implementation of a national service and the development of governance structures to ensure effective strategic oversight.

We have developed national operating procedures and standards to permit a uniformed delivery of service in accordance with legislation and accreditation. We have also developed accreditation tools and systems to ensure that risks are properly managed.

All of the above can be tailored to suit your requirements and circumstances, as we also have experience in preparing and arranging formal agreements with many other services, organisations and government departments.

Providing support to operational units.

Our associates are all experienced practitioners. Although mostly British we have associates from across the globe.

At times of high demand your unit may require short term, real time assistance. We can provide this. Perhaps working alongside your own people, or supplementing your team on a specific case.

Or you might require a practitoner with certain skills or abilities, or from a particular community. Please make contact and lets see if we can help.

Discreet support to Commercial organisations

Commercial organisations occasionally have a need to keep their employees and others out of the public gaze. WitPro UK can assist with this.

We can remove people from public view and scrutiny and house them discreetly for as long as is necessary to meet your needs - and for as long as the person concerned is willing to co-operate with us.

This is a bespoke service to meet the needs of your situation, however, to be clear, we will not interfere with or impede the course of justice.

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For security reasons we cannot publish testimonials publically, however, if you wish to gain confidence in our service we can arrange for you to have contact from our previous customers.

Preferred ICT Partner

WitPro UK can make provision for the ICT services you need to operate a functioning Witness Protection Unit safely and efficiently. Contact us to discuss your requirements.